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Why is this site here?

I've always been fascinated by automated machines and robotics.  Using one machine to create parts for another.

The future is designing and creating things for yourself, by yourself.  A CNC machine is part of that puzzle.

So here I am. 

I started this projects as a "let's see if you can do it" sort of thing.

Little did I know this personal challenge would consume and intrigue me the way it has.

A CNC machine is kind of like a gateway drug of a sorts.  It can allow you to dive deeper into your own creativity.

So why are you here?

Hopefully it's because you are curious about the same things.  If you are doing research for a DIY Homemade CNC or other

contraption of your own, I hope you find useful information here. I frequently post new information, videos, tutorials etc

so check back often.

My Goal

... Is to bring together a useful group of resources to aid you on your way to your own CNC / automation machine.

I'm constantly finding new information and resources to share. Even though I include

links to "industrial" solutions that may be out of our price range, use that information to find parts

on the second hand market or to glean ideas for your own creation... CNC or not.

Thanks for stopping by.

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March 23, 2014